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Insurance Benefits Unlimited wants to be your trusted source for all types of insurance. Read our privacy policy


Let us shop your rates to provide you with the coverage you need at a fair price. Click here to request a quote.


Life insurance can protect your family should the unthinkable occur. Click here for a quote.


Let us help you find the health insurance you and your family need. We also provide dental and supplemental plans. Click here to request a quote.


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Your Most Trusted Source for Insurance         Phone:  (501) 812-9464    Toll Free:  (800) 729-9432          

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What our clients say about IBU

I can't remember when I last sent a commendation to a company, but I feel like Shauna Hart with Insurance Benefits Unlimited, well deserves it for excellent service and working very hard to solve any issues we may have.

I would highly recommend this company for any Insurance needs.

 Karrie P.

Pro Dent & Collision, Inc., Sherwood, AR


“As messed up as the Healthcare system is, Shauna went above and beyond what I expected, and was always by my side through the whole process!!! Even going as far as handling things for me because I lived out of town!! Thank you, Shauna!!"

Kelli T.

Monticello, AR


“Can't tell you how much I appreciate what you did to help me! Thanks a bunch!!”

Suzannah P., North Little Rock,AR

“My husband and I have been customers of Insurance Benefits Unlimited for about seven years. It doesn’t matter if we talk to George, Gayle, or Shauna they are always courteous and treat us as if we are their only customers. If they don’t know the answer to whatever question we have, they will call or email with the info as soon as they find the answer. We have never had to remind them that we needed the information. They always contact us.

Every year at renewal time they always help with the renewal paperwork. When our health insurance was canceled at the end of 2013 like thousands of other people because of the new “affordable care” insurance that went into effect, Shauna spent hours helping me fill out the new applications. Because of the complexity of the forms, and inability to get accurate information online or on the phone number that was provided, it was a terrible experience and I am very thankful that we had all of them to help to get us thru different stages of the ordeal. Especially Shauna, she is very knowledgeable and patient and doesn’t seem to get frustrated as easily as I do.  

I would recommend Insurance Benefits Unlimited to any person or company that wants fast, accurate and personalized service. It’s something that is hard to find in this “hurry-up, I only care about the money” attitude that some agencies convey.  They know the definition of good service.”

Evia B., Lonoke, AR

“Insurance Benefits Unlimited is a wonderful organization to work with!  We have had a great relationship working with Insurance Benefits Unlimited for the past five years and look forward to a continued partnership with them.  Any time we work with one of their clients on a Medicare review, we know that they have been well informed.” 

 John Miller, NIBC, Little Rock



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